Saturday, March 22, 2014

Secret Sewing and Pattern Writing

I've been super busy with things I couldn't/can't share just yet.  I'm working on getting at least three new patterns out in April.  I have more ideas and designs than there is time to get it all finished.  I'm also pattern testing for a few other people, but here are a few things that I can share.

This is a cowl design that I've been working on.  It's still on the needles for now, but so far I'm happy with how it's working up.  The Cascade 220 feels really good and I love this color.  It is called ocean, but for some reason I can't get the pictures to show the true color.  It's more of a denim blue than this grey color.

I made this "N" block for a surprise baby quilt for Kristen (kd_quilts).  We presented it to her at this month's meeting, so I couldn't show the block yet.  We used Tula Pink's pattern.

I love the way it turned out.  The blues and greens go so well together considering that none of knew what the others were using.

Chen did a great job with putting it all together.  She even made little blocks on the back and wrote our names on the quilt.

I'm working on a pair of socks using this beautiful hand painted Manos del Uruguay Alegria yarn.  No pattern just knitting every row the same to get really good at toes, heels, and binding off.   I taught myself to knit a few years ago and I have avoided socks because I knew my hands couldn't handle all those dpns.  I am so happy with toe up and magic loop.  I also absolutely love the fish lips kiss heel by Sox Therapist on Ravelry.
I made these Swarovski crystal Stitch markers for an Instagram swap.  I can't wait to see what I get back.
I have serious doubts that I'll have the border finished on this before the December part is e-mailed.
Once Upon a Time sampler by Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.
I'm working on three quilt patterns (in various stages), and a bag pattern.
I hope you all will hang in there with me while I finish up my "secret sewing".  I have several free tutorials and patterns that I'll be sharing in the coming months.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Clover Sunshine-Alison Glass VBMQG Challenge

We had the reveal of our Clover Sunshine-Alison Glass challenge at the March VBMQG meeting.  You had to make a quilt, any size, using Clover Sunshine prints along with any other Alison Glass prints and any solids.  We hand nine completed entries.

 This is my entry, Ducks, Ducks, Geese.  The pattern isn't finalized, but my testers are lined up and waiting.
I was so thrilled when it received the most votes and won the Group Choice prize.

 This picture shows the quilting a little better.  I am very happy with how it turned out.
 I really enjoy being a part of the Virginia Beach Modern Quilt Guild, and getting to share and learn with such a wonderful group of talented ladies.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Riley Blake Challenge

We revealed our finished projects for the MQG/Riley Blake challenge at the VBMQG this morning.  I waited until the last minute because I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with the fabric provided.  I finally designed this wall quilt to hang in my craft room.

We also had a zippered pouch swap and I received this great purple pouch from Jana.

This is the boxy pouch that I made for my partner.

I needed a lanyard to hold my name tag so I raided my Denyse Schmidt stash and made this one.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, January 31, 2014

New Pattern in Time for Valentine's Day

I finished writing and testing my first cross stitch design just in time to for Valentine's Day.  I think it's appropriate for any day of the year though, because hearts bloom, children blossom, and all living things thrive from being loved.
"Hearts Bloom" is a counted cross stitch pattern that finishes at a stitched area of 7.07" wide x 4.93" tall stitched on 14 count Aida cloth, or 28 count linen stitched over two threads.  The PDF pattern includes a supply list, color legend for DMC, Sullivan's, and Weeks Dye Works flosses, a chart with color and symbols, and a chart in black and white with symbols only.

You can purchase the PDF pattern for immediate download at my Angela Tackett Designs Craftsy pattern store, or at my Etsy shop, for $3.00.

Copyright 2014. Angela Tackett Designs.  All rights reserved.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Finishing 2013

I am fairly pleased with what I accomplished in 2013.  I'm looking forward to 2014 and focusing more on designing and sharing patterns and tutorials.  I'm sharing a few of the things that I've worked on and finished lately.  I will be adding all of my 2013 finishes to the 2013 tab at the top of the page.
A few of the drawstring bags that I made to hold Christmas gifts this year.
 This is obviously only one sock, but I did finish the second.  I'll be writing a post on my experience with the sock loom in the near future.
 I started a second pair of socks on the loom.  I love this yarn and can't wait to see the finished sock.

 I did a lot of cross stitching for Christmas, but unfortunately didn't get any of them turned into the door pillows that I planned.  I had to prioritize and they fell to the bottom of the list.  There's always next year. ;)
I knitted for the first time in the round on circular needles.  Not as scary as I thought.  This is the honey cowl pattern by Madelinetosh.  It is a free download on Ravelry.  It's a very simple pattern that produces a very pretty cowl.

 I used inexpensive acrylic yarn for the first one.  I made the long version and the picture shows it wrapped around twice.  I've ordered some pretty dk yarn from Gnome Acres for the next one.

My Mom loves to wear shawls and wraps to church so I knitted her this lightweight one for Christmas.
Divided fabric basket (pattern by Noodlehead) made for my VBMQG Secret Santa partner.
I made two more divided fabric baskets from this fabric.  One for my son's girlfriend, and one for my neighbor who places a jar of homemade strawberry jam on the porches of all 40 houses in the neighborhood every Christmas.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Help!! My Craftroom is Scaring Me

Please excuse my absence from blogging.  I had to take a break to sort/purge/clean/reorganize the pig sty that was once my craft room. I am embarrassed to share some of these pictures, but this is reality, and if I ever want to work in this room again I've got to get it straightened up. 
I started sorting things about three months ago, but somehow I just ended up piling everything on, under, or in front of my design table.
I have this folding table set up next to my design table so that I can do paperwork, work on my computer, etc while looking out the windows.  I put a UV/heat blocking film on the windows back at the beginning of the Summer and it made a HUGE difference this year.  That closet is one of the things that I also had to tackle.  It was full of boxes and bags stuffed from top to bottom.
There is my lovely assistant doing what he does best.  Behind him is the door downstairs and one of two small design walls.
My design wall alcove.  After I get that old sewing machine/table moved I will have more room.
This is the view from my sewing machine.
That is my cutting table in the front with my sewing table behind it.  Scraps and bolts on the back wall, and the stairs and door to the upstairs.

This is the view across my cutting table to my sewing table and some of my fabric.

Shelves, containers, and storage behind my sewing table. 

I will be posting updated clean craft room pictures, and the special projects I've been working on soon.  I'm also working on several new tutorials and patterns that will be posted after the holidays.

I also wanted to thank everyone who has downloaded my Scrappy Pumpkin Table Runner tutorial on Craftsy, or requested it by e-mail.  As of today, there have been over 840 downloads on Craftsy.  I am just so humbled by the response from everyone, and feel so blessed to be able to share my ideas with all of you.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Scrappy Pumpkin Table Runner Tutorial (Part 2)

 I listed this tutorial as a free pdf pattern on Craftsy.  The templates for the leaves are included in the free pattern. 
If you are using three different prints for your leaves, you will need the following sizes.
 I used Heat n Bond lite iron-on adhesive for my leaves.  I like how well it sticks, and that it is super easy to sew through.
 Iron your adhesive to the backs of your leaf prints as instructed on your adhesive packaging.
Using your leaf templates mark the outlines on the adhesive backing paper.

 Cut your leaves out carefully using sharp, pointed scissors.

Place the leaves in the position you prefer and iron onto table runner.  Stitch leaf veins onto each of your leaves.  I fmq the veins on this table runner.

Stitch around the outside edge of each leaf.
 I did the stitch backwards on a few to change up the look.

Stitch vines using any decorative stitch on your machine.

Cut binding 3" wide x 55" long. 
You can join several pieces of fabric together using one of the methods below.
For a straight joining.
 Join two pieces right sides together with a 1/4" seam allowance.  Press seam open.

 For an angled joining.
Place strips as shown right sides together.

Using your ruler mark a line diagonally on the print facing down.
Sew just off the line you marked on the side closest to the outside corner.
 Using the line you just sewed, trim to 1/4" seam.
Press seam open.
Making binding after joining.
Fold in half wrong sides together and iron flat. 

Sewing binding to table runner.
Place beginning of binding about halfway down any side of your runner.  I started on a short side.  The open end of your binding will be along the edge of the runner.  Start sewing approximately five inches from the beginning of your binding.  You will need this part of the binding loose to join at the end.
Sew using a generous 1/4" seam.

Stop sewing approximately 1/4" from the corner and backstitch a couple of stitches.  Cut thread.
Flip binding up so that it is even with the edge of the table runner you are going to sew next.  Press down with fingers.

 Hold folded edge of binding down with fingers, and fold it down. 
Make sure that your binding is lined up along the side and top of your table runner.  Start sewing at the top.  Remember to backstitch a few stitches.  Continue sewing down each side and each corner this way until after you turn the last corner.
 After turning the last corner sew down stopping 5" from end of binding.  Backstitch and cut threads.

Fold the beginning binding over 2.5".  There should be approximately 2.5" under that is not sewn down. 
Place the ending piece of the binding on top of the folded over beginning piece of binding.
Place your ruler on top of the ending piece of binding and snug it up to where the beginning piece is folded.  You are going to make a mark on the ending binding along the edge made by the folded piece underneath.

Carefully lift up the ending piece and the beginning piece.  Make a mark in the crease of the beginning piece of binding.

Keeping the sides of the binding together, pull the table runner out of the way and place binding
under presser foot.  Make sure that the lines on each side are lined up.  Use pins if you need to.  It's very important they stay lined up.  Sew on the line.  Backstitch at the beginning.
Lay the binding down on the table runner and make sure that it is the exact length needed.

Trim seam allowance to 1/4" and press seam open.

Start sewing binding about 1/2" before the end of your last stitching line.  Backstitch at beginning.  Sew binding down ending about 1/2" after you start sewing onto the stitch line you made when you first started sewing binding on.  Backstitch and cut thread.
Fold binding over to the back side of table runner and secure with pins or clips.  I like my binding to be just above the stitch line made from sewing the binding to the front.  It not only serves as a guide, but it is easier to hand stitch.
If your mitered corners don't look quite right try folding the back corner the opposite direction.
Sew your binding down and enjoy your new table runner.

If you have any questions please leave a comment here or e-mail me. 
Please feel free to share the link to my blog for the tutorial, but please do not use my pictures or copy my tutorial.

Copyright 2013 Angela Tackett

License to sell:  By purchasing/downloading this pattern, I give the original purchaser of this pattern the rights to sell Scrappy Pumpkin table runners made using this pattern.  License to sell includes home based production scale only.  No commercial production allowed.